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Semi-protected and blocking

I WAS User:‎. I was just trying to protect MY OWN USER TALK.

Please see: Pp-semi-usertalk.

Semi-protecting my own user talk it's just for random anonymous don't leave comments at my talk page.

My IP just got banned because a random anonymous self-called "expert" keeped deleting C# examples and putting stupid comments in C# my examples?

I was not intimidating anyone. I was just trying to stop comments from User:‎ in my Talk Page.

But, just forgot this.

I will stopping contribute in C# examples, because "people" just keep deleting them and replacing them with deprecated code because they don't like newer versions of the language.

And, just spammed in my User Talk, added intimidating comments at my examples and not even get "warned".

And, whatever, ban me for 3 days if you want too.


In my defense, I was cleaning up some of the C# examples. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to talk to you except by posting on your talk page. I did not mean to harass, but I did want to make it clear that I didn't appreciate you undoing my edits, since I put a lot of time/effort into them to try to enhance the site. I know C# pretty darn well, and I thought I would help the site's examples for that language.

Maybe we should work together on the C# examples instead of wasting time with this childish bickering.


Replied to on Guga360's talk page. --Short Circuit 06:15, 11 April 2009 (UTC)