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Remote agent/Agent interface is a draft programming task. It is not yet considered ready to be promoted as a complete task, for reasons that should be found in its talk page.

In Remote agent, a component is described that marshals commands and events between a stream and a program that issues commands and processes the resulting events. Using the protocol definition described there, build this component in a fashion idiomatic and natural to your language.


See Remote agent/Simulation/C


The interface logic for the PicoLisp solution is directly integrated into the client Remote agent/Agent logic#PicoLisp.


Works with: Tcl version 8.6

<lang tcl>package require Tcl 8.6

oo::class create AgentAPI {

   variable sock events sectorColor ballColor
   constructor {host port} {

set sock [socket $host $port] fconfigure $sock -buffering none -translation binary -encoding ascii \ -blocking 0 # Hack to allow things to work in 8.6b1 and 8.6b2

       if {![llength [info commands yieldto]]} {

interp alias {} yieldto {} ::tcl::unsupported::yieldTo } coroutine ReaderCoroutine my ReadLoop

   destructor {

if {[llength [info command ReaderCoroutine]]} { rename ReaderCoroutine {} } if {[llength [info command AgentCoroutine]]} { rename AgentCoroutine {} } if {$sock ne ""} { catch {close $sock} }

   method Log message {
   # Commands
   method ForwardStep {} {

my Log "action: forward" puts -nonewline $sock "^" my ProcessEvents [yield]

   method TurnRight {} {

my Log "action: turn right" puts -nonewline $sock ">" my ProcessEvents [yield]

   method TurnLeft {} {

my Log "action: turn left" puts -nonewline $sock "<" my ProcessEvents [yield]

   method GetBall {} {

my Log "action: get ball" puts -nonewline $sock "@" my ProcessEvents [yield]

   method DropBall {} {

my Log "action: drop ball" puts -nonewline $sock "!" my ProcessEvents [yield]

   method ProcessEvents {events} {

set sectorColor {} set ballColor {} set err {} set done 0 foreach e $events { my Log "event: $e" switch [lindex $e 0] { sector {set sectorColor [lindex $e 1]} ball {set ballColor [lindex $e 1]} error {set err [lindex $e 1]} gameOver {set done 1} } } if {$err ne ""} {throw $err "can't do that: $err"} return $done

   # Event demux
   method ReadLoop {} {

# Init handshake fileevent $sock readable [info coroutine] while 1 { yield if {[read $sock 1] eq "A"} break } puts -nonewline $sock "A" # Main loop; agent logic is in coroutine try { coroutine AgentCoroutine my Behavior while 1 { yield set ch [read $sock 1] switch $ch { "." { # Stop - end of events from move set e $events set events {} yieldto AgentCoroutine $e if {"gameOver" in $e} break } "+" {lappend events gameOver} "R" {lappend events {sector red}} "G" {lappend events {sector green}} "Y" {lappend events {sector yellow}} "B" {lappend events {sector blue}} "r" {lappend events {ball red}} "g" {lappend events {ball green}} "y" {lappend events {ball yellow}} "b" {lappend events {ball blue}} "|" {lappend events {error bumpedWall}} "S" {lappend events {error sectorFull}} "A" {lappend events {error agentFull}} "s" {lappend events {error sectorEmpty}} "a" {lappend events {error agentEmpty}} } } } finally { close $sock set sock "" }

   method Behavior {} {

error "method not implemented"



  1. Export as package

package provide RC::RemoteAgent 1</lang>