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This template can be used to show a heading (which won't affect the table of contents) above the task description on a task page.

Multiple headings can also be used to break longer task descriptions up into logical subsections (see example below).


In the past, some Rosettacode editors have used the definition header syntax (e.g. ;Task:) to to create such headings.
Using this template instead, has the following advantages:

  • It is styled more appropriately for a heading.
    (i.e. larger font, and more spacing.)
  • It has an edit link.
    (Only for the main "Task" heading, because due to technical limitations, it can't give you a specific subsection of the task to edit - it gives you the whole task description, or more precisely, everything above the first real heading.)
  • It has a link anchor.
    (E.g. to link to the "See also" section, you can write [[#See_also]]. Note that spaces have to be replaced by underscores.)


The first and only argument is the title of the heading to show.
If it is not specified, it defaults to the word "Task".

Usage example Renders as
{{task heading}}


{{task heading|Test cases}}


{{task heading|See also}}



Test cases


See also


This is a template. There are many others. See Category:RCTemplates for a complete list of templates.