Talk:Sorting Algorithms/Timsort

This needs more work

This draft suggests the need for several templates:

  • We need a template for tasks which do not include the algorithm
  • We need a template for tasks which should specify reasonable test data
  • We need a template for implementations which are not hosted on rosettacode

We do not need perfection, here - we have to allow some variation. But when the page itself is nothing but links offsite and implied references you can tell that we are not doing it right.

Specifically, for this task: timsort is a wrapper for three independent techniques with each kicking in for different array sizes and array structure. The wikipedia description even has phrases like "Also, in cases where galloping is found to be less efficient than binary search, galloping mode is exited" without specifying those cases (and it's not clear to me whether that "is found" description had a hardware dependency).

Anyways, if someone can work through all the issues to make this a suitable task for this site - specifying the algorithm, or a variation, unambiguously, and specifying reasonable test data which exercises and illustrates that algorithm - this might become a good task. But I am not volunteering to do that. --Rdm (talk) 18:08, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

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