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SheerPower 4GL
This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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SheerPower 4GL is a Fourth-generation programming language developed by Touch Technologies, Inc.

SheerPower 4GL has several key features:

  1. It is free for hobbyists and non-profit organizations
  2. It is extremely fast, able to compile millions of lines per minute on more modern systems.
  3. Web scripting features make it fast and easy to develop dynamic web pages using SheerPower's BASIC-like syntax. [3] Version 5.0 was the official release containing the syntax and logic for web scripting in SheerPower.
  4. SheerPower utilizes a "Perfect Precision Math Package" [4] for which the patent 7149765 "Apparatus and method for precision binary numbers and numerical operations" [1] is applied to. This precision math eliminates the rounding off errors experienced when using a floating point data type [2].
  5. SheerPower comes bundled with ARS - Advanced Record System database engine. [5] ARS is a proprietary database engine also developed by Touch Technologies, Inc. TTI created the ARS engine because performance is critical in many applications. For example, ARS is over 20 times faster than MySQL for shared read/write operations.
  6. Open Database Connectivity - SheerPower supports other database engines through its ODBC interface, and its own ARS engine can be accessed via ODBC in other database applications.
  7. SheerPower Internet Services (SPINS) Webserver also comes bundled with SheerPower 4GL. The SPINS Webserver comes bundled with SheerPower and was developed for simplicity in use and high-speed for performance. On a modern multi-core system, the SPINS web server can perform over 1,000 page hits per second -- given enough bandwidth of course.
  8. There is also a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) interface built into SheerPower, along with many other built-in functions designed for high-performance and increased programmer productivity.

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