Rosetta Code:Brainf***

It is an unfortunate fact that there are terms and words which offend people. In some cases, the extent (and fear) of offense is sufficient that systemic sanctions are taken against portions of the Internet which are taken as offensive or potential offensive.

Common cases include:

  • Website rating systems applied to parental filter controls. To my knowledge, Rosetta Code has avoided ever running afoul of these.
  • Proxies and gateways which block access to URLs and content which appear to contain offensive words. I know of at least once specific case where this impinged on necessary functionality of the site, and may impinge in the future. See if you can spot why in our ReCAPTCHA API public key: 6LeDxwEAAAAAACoqrQuiUl6VnIqffcP7OQsExR6F. This is not a case which can be pragmatically worked around in the long term, at least not on Rosetta Code's end.

Rosetta Code seeks to avoid these systemic sanctions where pragmatic. Rosetta Code is not a political entity, and it's not within our mission to be part of a cultural resistance.

This is why we use the string "Brainf***" to refer to the programming language BrainFuck. --Michael Mol 15:06, 1 February 2012 (UTC)