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Guga, I don't think either you or the guy you were conflicting with deserve bans. What I saw was a series of anonymous edits from a different IP address than the one I thought you were using (I did see your remark that you were going to be making a few anonymous edits while testing something), which looked like they were making intimidating and vandalous edits to your user and talk page. Since it was actually you making those edits, I'll remove the ban on the IP. Short of going in and doing forensic-type analysis of the Apache server logs, I have no way of associating an IP address with a user page--and if I were to do that outside of investigating severe attacks on the site (which this wasn't), I feel I would be violating the privacy of RC's users.

Again, I apologize for banning you; I thought it was a griefer from Wikipedia who saw the spat between you and the other guy, and decided to get playful. --Short Circuit 06:13, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Time and effort

I want there to be no misunderstanding that I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put in to make Rosetta Code a better site. Among many of your contributions was GugaTagFixer. If you hadn't demonstrated bots' usefulness with GugaTagFixer, I wouldn't have taken the time to create ImplSearchBot, and I wouldn't have had a forseeable route to half of the features I've wanted and have planned for Rosetta Code. --Short Circuit 06:44, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Sort most popular programming languages

How does the future-proof python solution handle more than 500 languages? Consider -- your python code doesn't appear to handle the "query-continue" case. (Preceding unsigned comment was by Glennj at 12:15 on 16 June 2009)