Rosetta Code/List authors of task descriptions

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Rosetta Code/List authors of task descriptions is a draft programming task. It is not yet considered ready to be promoted as a complete task, for reasons that should be found in its talk page.
In this task, the goal is to compile an authorship list for task descriptions. A pseudocode example (in imperative style) that should accomplish this is as follows:
for each task page
grab page source, discard everything after the first ==section==.
Cache as $previous. Note $author.
for each revision
grab page source, discard everything after first ==section==.
Cache as $previous2. Note $author2
compare $previous2 to $previous. If different, record $author to $list.
replace $previous with $previous2
replace $author with $author2

The following resources for HTTP interface information for MediaWiki may prove to be useful:

Conversely, some languages have libraries which abstract these interfaces into language-native idioms. Use of these abstractions is perfectly fine.

Please DO NOT add a full output for each programming language; just show a representative sample. One full list is useful. Multiple full lists just use space and bandwidth.

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Created by: X
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Kevin Reid
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  2. Task: String case
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  2. Draft: Input/Output for Pairs of Numbers
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  14. Task: Function prototype
  15. Task: GUI/Maximum window dimensions
  16. Task: Globally replace text in several files
  17. Task: Greyscale bars/Display
  18. Task: Guess the number
  19. Task: Hello world/Line printer
  20. Task: Hello world/Newline omission
  21. Task: Here document
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  23. Task: Include a file
  24. Task: Inverted syntax
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  26. Task: Keyboard input/Flush the keyboard buffer
  27. Task: Keyboard input/Keypress check
  28. Task: Keyboard input/Obtain a Y or N response
  29. Task: Metronome
  30. Draft: Musical scale
  31. Task: Nautical bell
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  33. Task: Pinstripe/Printer
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  38. Task: Read a file line by line
  39. Task: Read a specific line from a file
  40. Task: Remove lines from a file
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  42. Task: Special variables
  43. Task: Start from a main routine
  44. Task: String comparison
  45. Task: Strip a set of characters from a string
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  47. Task: Strip control codes and extended characters from a string
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  53. Task: Terminal control/Cursor positioning
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  56. Task: Terminal control/Hiding the cursor
  57. Task: Terminal control/Inverse video
  58. Task: Terminal control/Positional read
  59. Task: Terminal control/Preserve screen
  60. Draft: Terminal control/Restricted width positional input/No wrapping
  61. Draft: Terminal control/Restricted width positional input/With wrapping
  62. Task: Terminal control/Unicode output
  63. Task: Truncate a file
  64. Task: URL decoding
  65. Task: URL encoding
  66. Task: Update a configuration file
  67. Draft: Using a Speech engine to highlight words
  68. Task: Video display modes
  69. Draft: Waveform analysis/Doh ray me
  70. Draft: Waveform analysis/Top and tail
  71. Task: Write language name in 3D ASCII
  1. Task: Chinese zodiac
  2. Task: Knight's tour
  3. Task: Subleq
  1. Task: Amb
  2. Task: Loops/For
  3. Task: Loops/Infinite
  1. Task: Average loop length
  2. Task: Balanced brackets
  1. Task: A+B
  1. Task: Dragon curve
  1. Task: Knuth shuffle
  1. Draft: Modulinos
  2. Draft: Multiline shebang
  3. Draft: Parse command-line arguments
  4. Task: Pick random element
  5. Task: Program name
  1. Task: Sorting algorithms/Bead sort
  1. Task: Roman numerals/Decode
  1. Draft: Kosaraju
  2. Draft: Tarjan
  1. Draft: Sorting algorithms/Cycle sort
  1. Draft: VList
  1. Task: Entropy
  1. Task: 99 Bottles of Beer
  2. Task: Ackermann function
  3. Task: Arithmetic/Complex
  4. Task: Array concatenation
  5. Task: Assertions
  6. Task: Binary search
  7. Task: Bitwise operations
  8. Draft: Card shuffles
  9. Task: Catalan numbers
  10. Task: Detect division by zero
  11. Task: Documentation
  12. Task: Execute SNUSP
  13. Task: Fibonacci sequence
  14. Task: Five weekends
  15. Task: Gray code
  16. Task: Hello world/Standard error
  17. Task: Huffman coding
  18. Task: Inheritance/Single
  19. Task: Input loop
  20. Task: Longest common subsequence
  21. Task: Loops/Break
  22. Task: Loops/Continue
  23. Task: Loops/Do-while
  24. Task: Loops/Foreach
  25. Task: Loops/While
  26. Task: MD5
  27. Task: Monte Carlo methods
  28. Task: Null object
  29. Task: Numerical integration
  30. Task: Parametrized SQL statement
  31. Task: Pascal's triangle
  32. Task: Perfect numbers
  33. Task: Primality by trial division
  34. Task: Prime decomposition
  35. Task: Program termination
  36. Task: Quine
  37. Task: Real constants and functions
  38. Task: Reduced row echelon form
  39. Task: Rosetta Code/Count examples
  40. Task: Scope modifiers
  41. Task: Show the epoch
  42. Task: Sleep
  43. Task: Sorting algorithms/Cocktail sort
  44. Task: Sorting algorithms/Insertion sort
  45. Task: Sorting algorithms/Merge sort
  46. Task: Sorting algorithms/Stooge sort
  47. Task: String concatenation
  48. Task: String length
  49. Task: Sum and product of an array
  50. Task: System time
  51. Task: Trigonometric functions
  52. Task: User input/Graphical
  53. Task: User input/Text
  54. Task: Variadic function
  55. Task: World Cup group stage
  1. Draft: Using the API
  1. Draft: Addition-chain exponentiation
  2. Task: Append a record to the end of a text file
  3. Task: Arithmetic/Rational
  4. Draft: Banker's algorithm
  5. Draft: Birthday problem
  6. Task: Calendar - for "REAL" programmers
  7. Task: Calendar
  8. Task: Combinations and permutations
  9. Task: Currying
  10. Task: Exponentiation operator
  11. Draft: Find first and last set bit of a long integer
  12. Draft: Generalised floating point addition
  13. Draft: Generalised floating point multiplication
  14. Task: Greatest common divisor
  15. Task: Hello world/Graphical
  16. Task: Holidays related to Easter
  17. Task: Horizontal sundial calculations
  18. Draft: Implicit type conversion
  19. Task: Jensen's Device
  20. Draft: Just in time processing on a character stream
  21. Task: Lucas-Lehmer test
  22. Task: Man or boy test
  23. Task: Matrix-exponentiation operator
  24. Task: Matrix transposition
  25. Task: Multiplication tables
  26. Task: Naming conventions
  27. Draft: Native shebang
  28. Task: Number names
  29. Task: Operator precedence
  30. Draft: Permutations with repetitions
  31. Draft: Reverse the gender of a string
  32. Task: Search a list
  33. Draft: Sorting algorithms/Tree sort on a linked list
  34. Task: String append
  35. Task: String prepend
  36. Task: Ternary logic
  37. Task: Thiele's interpolation formula
  38. Draft: Unicode polynomial equation
  39. Draft: User defined pipe and redirection operators
Nigel Galloway
  1. Task: 9 billion names of God the integer
  2. Task: Arithmetic-geometric mean/Calculate Pi
  3. Task: Arithmetic-geometric mean
  4. Draft: Blackjack strategy
  5. Task: Carmichael 3 strong pseudoprimes
  6. Task: Casting out nines
  7. Task: Catalan numbers/Pascal's triangle
  8. Draft: Combinations with repetitions/Square Digit Chain
  9. Task: Continued fraction/Arithmetic/Construct from rational number
  10. Draft: Continued fraction/Arithmetic/G(matrix NG, Contined Fraction N)
  11. Draft: Continued fraction/Arithmetic/G(matrix NG, Contined Fraction N1, Contined Fraction N2)
  12. Task: Continued fraction
  13. Task: Digital root
  14. Task: Fibonacci word/fractal
  15. Task: Fibonacci word
  16. Task: Find largest left truncatable prime in a given base
  17. Draft: Ramsey's theorem
  18. Task: Solve a Hidato puzzle
  19. Task: Solve a Holy Knight's tour
  20. Task: Solve a Hopido puzzle
  21. Task: Solve a Numbrix puzzle
  22. Task: Sum digits of an integer
  23. Task: Textonyms
  24. Draft: Ukkonen’s Suffix Tree Construction
  25. Task: Vogel's approximation method
  26. Task: Zeckendorf arithmetic
  1. Task: Delegates
  2. Task: Queue/Definition
Old man
  1. Task: Primes - allocate descendants to their ancestors
  1. Task: Factors of an integer
  2. Task: Substring
  1. Task: Reflection/Get source
  2. Task: Reflection/List methods
  3. Draft: Reflection/List methods
  4. Task: Reflection/List properties
  1. Draft: Fibonacci heap
  1. Task: 24 game/Solve
  2. Task: 24 game
  3. Task: AKS test for primes
  4. Task: Abundant, deficient and perfect number classifications
  5. Task: Align columns
  6. Task: Aliquot sequence classifications
  7. Task: Almost prime
  8. Task: Amicable pairs
  9. Task: Anagrams/Deranged anagrams
  10. Task: Anagrams
  11. Task: Arbitrary-precision integers (included)
  12. Task: Averages/Mean angle
  13. Task: Averages/Mean time of day
  14. Task: Averages/Pythagorean means
  15. Task: Averages/Root mean square
  16. Task: Averages/Simple moving average
  17. Task: Box the compass
  18. Task: Break OO privacy
  19. Task: Bulls and cows/Player
  20. Task: Bulls and cows
  21. Task: CSV to HTML translation
  22. Task: Circles of given radius through two points
  23. Task: Comma quibbling
  24. Task: Conway's Game of Life
  25. Task: Day of the week
  26. Task: Digital root/Multiplicative digital root
  27. Task: Dinesman's multiple-dwelling problem
  28. Task: Dot product
  29. Task: Dutch national flag problem
  30. Task: Egyptian division
  31. Task: Ethiopian multiplication
  32. Task: Euler's sum of powers conjecture
  33. Task: Evolutionary algorithm
  34. Task: Exceptions/Catch an exception thrown in a nested call
  35. Task: Executable library
  36. Task: Extensible prime generator
  37. Task: Extreme floating point values
  38. Task: Fibonacci n-step number sequences
  39. Task: Find common directory path
  40. Task: First-class functions/Use numbers analogously
  41. Task: First-class functions
  42. Task: Flatten a list
  43. Task: Flipping bits game
  44. Task: Floyd's triangle
  45. Task: Function composition
  46. Draft: Functional coverage tree
  47. Task: Guess the number/With feedback (player)
  48. Task: Guess the number/With feedback
  49. Task: Hailstone sequence
  50. Task: Hamming numbers
  51. Task: Harshad or Niven series
  52. Task: Hello world/Newbie
  53. Task: Heronian triangles
  54. Task: Hickerson series of almost integers
  55. Task: Hofstadter-Conway $10,000 sequence
  56. Task: Hofstadter Figure-Figure sequences
  57. Task: Hofstadter Q sequence
  58. Task: Horner's rule for polynomial evaluation
  59. Task: I before E except after C
  60. Task: Interactive programming
  61. Draft: Kahan summation
  62. Task: Kaprekar numbers
  63. Task: Knapsack problem/Unbounded
  64. Task: Knuth's algorithm S
  65. Task: Largest int from concatenated ints
  66. Task: Literals/Integer
  67. Task: Longest increasing subsequence
  68. Task: Look-and-say sequence
  69. Task: Ludic numbers
  70. Task: Luhn test of credit card numbers
  71. Task: Lychrel numbers
  72. Task: Menu
  73. Task: Middle three digits
  74. Task: Minesweeper game
  75. Task: Monty Hall problem
  76. Task: Move-to-front algorithm
  77. Draft: Multi-dimensional array
  78. Task: Multifactorial
  79. Task: Mutual recursion
  80. Task: N'th
  81. Task: Narcissistic decimal number
  82. Task: Natural sorting
  83. Task: Non-decimal radices/Output
  84. Task: Nonoblock
  85. Task: Number reversal game
  86. Task: Numeric error propagation
  87. Task: One-dimensional cellular automata
  88. Task: One of n lines in a file
  89. Task: Order disjoint list items
  90. Task: Ordered words
  91. Task: Pangram checker
  92. Task: Parsing/RPN calculator algorithm
  93. Task: Parsing/RPN to infix conversion
  94. Task: Parsing/Shunting-yard algorithm
  95. Task: Partial function application
  96. Task: Pascal matrix generation
  97. Task: Penney's game
  98. Task: Percolation/Bond percolation
  99. Task: Percolation/Mean cluster density
  100. Task: Percolation/Mean run density
  101. Task: Percolation/Site percolation
  102. Task: Permutations/Derangements
  103. Task: Permutations/Rank of a permutation
  104. Task: Permutations by swapping
  105. Task: Phrase reversals
  106. Task: Pig the dice game/Player
  107. Task: Pig the dice game
  108. Task: Probabilistic choice
  109. Draft: Proper divisors
  110. Task: Quaternion type
  111. Task: Quickselect algorithm
  112. Task: Random number generator (included)
  113. Task: Range expansion
  114. Task: Range extraction
  115. Task: Ranking methods
  116. Task: Rep-string
  117. Task: Sailors, coconuts and a monkey problem
  118. Task: Send email
  119. Task: Sequence of non-squares
  120. Draft: Sequence of primorial primes
  121. Task: Set consolidation
  122. Task: Seven-sided dice from five-sided dice
  123. Task: Shoelace formula for polygonal area
  124. Task: Short-circuit evaluation
  125. Task: Solve the no connection puzzle
  126. Task: Sort disjoint sublist
  127. Task: Sort stability
  128. Task: Sparkline in unicode
  129. Task: Spiral matrix
  130. Task: Stable marriage problem
  131. Task: Stern-Brocot sequence
  132. Task: String interpolation (included)
  133. Draft: Superpermutation minimisation
  134. Task: Test a function
  135. Task: Text processing/1
  136. Task: Text processing/2
  137. Task: Text processing/Max licenses in use
  138. Task: Tic-tac-toe
  139. Draft: Topological sort/Extracted top item
  140. Task: Topological sort
  141. Task: Topswops
  142. Task: Trabb Pardo–Knuth algorithm
  143. Task: Truncatable primes
  144. Task: Truth table
  145. Task: Unbias a random generator
  146. Task: Unicode variable names
  147. Task: Van der Corput sequence
  148. Task: Vector products
  149. Task: Verify distribution uniformity/Naive
  150. Task: Web scraping
  151. Task: Y combinator
  152. Task: Yin and yang
  153. Task: Zeckendorf number representation
  154. Task: Zhang-Suen thinning algorithm
  1. Draft: Linux CPU utilization
  1. Draft: Cycle detection
Paulo Jorente
  1. Draft: 15 puzzle solver
  2. Draft: Bacon cipher
  3. Draft: Black Box
  4. Draft: Decimal floating point number to binary
  5. Draft: Greed
  6. Draft: Hexapawn
  7. Draft: Markov chain text generator
  8. Draft: Mastermind
  9. Draft: Playfair cipher
  10. Draft: Robots
  11. Task: Smith numbers
  12. Draft: Snake And Ladder
  13. Draft: Tamagotchi emulator
  1. Task: Combinations with repetitions
  2. Task: Knapsack problem/0-1
  3. Task: Knapsack problem/Bounded
  4. Task: Knapsack problem/Continuous
  5. Task: Permutations
  1. Task: Gaussian elimination
  1. Task: Hunt The Wumpus
  1. Draft: External sort
  1. Draft: Base64 encode data
  1. Task: Sort an array of composite structures
  1. Task: Problem of Apollonius
  1. Draft: Data Encryption Standard
  1. Draft: Bilinear interpolation
  1. Task: 15 Puzzle Game
  2. Draft: Convex hull
  3. Draft: OpenGL Pixel Shader
  1. Task: Brownian tree
  2. Task: Execute a Markov algorithm
  3. Task: Fractal tree
  4. Task: Multiple regression
Roger Hui
  1. Task: Averages/Arithmetic mean
  2. Task: Combinations
  3. Task: Multiplicative order
  4. Task: Roots of unity
  5. Task: Sum of squares
Roland Illig
  1. Task: Nested function
  1. Draft: N-body problem
  1. Draft: Extract file extension
  1. Task: Sum multiples of 3 and 5
  1. Task: Hostname
  2. Task: Introspection
  3. Task: Simple windowed application
  1. Draft: Most frequent k chars distance
  1. Task: Binary strings
  2. Task: Bitmap/Flood fill
  3. Task: Bitmap/Read an image through a pipe
  4. Task: Bitwise IO
  5. Task: Call a function in a shared library
  6. Task: Closest-pair problem
  7. Task: Forest fire
  8. Task: Four bit adder
  9. Task: Gamma function
  10. Task: Miller–Rabin primality test
  11. Task: Nth root
  12. Task: Palindrome detection
  13. Task: Polynomial long division
  14. Task: Ray-casting algorithm
  15. Task: Sorting algorithms/Counting sort
  16. Task: Sorting algorithms/Gnome sort
  17. Task: Xiaolin Wu's line algorithm
Short Circuit
  1. Task: Conditional structures
  2. Task: Count in factors
  3. Task: Empty program
  4. Task: Exceptions
  5. Task: Execute Brain****
  6. Task: Execute a system command
  7. Task: File input/output
  8. Task: Find the missing permutation
  9. Task: Flow-control structures
  10. Task: Greatest element of a list
  11. Task: Hello world/Text
  12. Task: Integer sequence
  13. Task: JSON
  14. Task: Long multiplication
  15. Task: Map range
  16. Task: Old lady swallowed a fly
  17. Task: Parse an IP Address
  18. Task: RCRPG
  19. Task: Rate counter
  20. Draft: Remote agent/Agent interface
  21. Draft: Remote agent/Agent logic
  22. Draft: Remote agent/Simulation
  23. Task: Rock-paper-scissors
  24. Task: Roots of a function
  25. Draft: Rosetta Code/List authors of task descriptions
  26. Task: Singleton
  27. Task: Singly-linked list/Element definition
  28. Task: Singly-linked list/Element insertion
  29. Task: Sum of a series
  30. Task: Symmetric difference
  31. Draft: Table creation
  32. Task: Undefined values
  33. Task: Walk a directory/Recursively
  1. Task: Department Numbers
  1. Draft: Assertions in design by contract
  2. Draft: Separate the house number from the street name
  3. Draft: Starting a web browser
  1. Task: Deconvolution/1D
  2. Task: Deconvolution/2D+
  3. Task: Permutation test
  4. Draft: Subset sum problem
  1. Task: Voronoi diagram
  1. Task: Brace expansion
  2. Task: Compare a list of strings
  3. Task: Convert seconds to compound duration
  4. Task: Tokenize a string with escaping
  1. Draft: Currency
  2. Task: Hello world/Web server
  3. Task: K-d tree
  4. Task: Sorting algorithms/Sleep sort
  5. Task: Word wrap
  1. Draft: Longest common prefix
  1. Task: CRC-32
  2. Task: Munching squares
  1. Draft: XML Validation
  1. Task: Associative array/Iteration
  2. Task: Character codes
  3. Task: Closures/Value capture
  4. Task: Count occurrences of a substring
  5. Task: Environment variables
  6. Draft: Sorting algorithms/Patience sort
  1. Draft: AudioAlarm
  2. Draft: Audio Overlap Loop
  1. Task: Tokenize a string
  1. Draft: OpenWebNet Password
  1. Task: Forward difference
  1. Task: Validate International Securities Identification Number
  1. Task: Benford's law
  2. Draft: Imaginary base numbers
  3. Draft: Largest number divisible by its digits
  4. Task: Pathological floating point problems
  5. Task: Self-referential sequence
  1. Task: Regular expressions
  1. Draft: A* search algorithm
  2. Draft: Angle difference between two bearings
  3. Draft: Apply a digitial filter (direct form II transposed)
  4. Draft: Determine if two triangles overlap
  5. Draft: Eertree
  6. Draft: Find the intersection of a line with a plane
  7. Draft: Find the intersection of two lines
  8. Draft: Negative base numbers
  9. Draft: Ramer-Douglas-Peucker line simplification
  1. Task: Same Fringe
  2. Task: Twelve statements
  1. Task: Color of a screen pixel
  2. Task: Dynamic variable names
  3. Task: Inverted index
  4. Task: Keyboard macros
  5. Task: Mouse position
  6. Task: OLE Automation
  7. Draft: Parse EBNF
  8. Task: Simulate input/Keyboard
  9. Task: Simulate input/Mouse
  10. Task: Window management
  1. Task: Check Machin-like formulas
  2. Draft: Chess player/Move generation
  3. Draft: Chess player/Program options and user interface
  4. Draft: Chess player/Search and evaluation
  5. Draft: Find duplicate files
  6. Task: Password generator
  1. Task: CUSIP
  2. Task: IBAN
  3. Draft: NYSIIS
  4. Draft: Time-based One-time Password Algorithm
  1. Draft: Arithmetic coding/As a generalized change of radix
  2. Task: Cramer's rule
  3. Draft: Faulhaber's formula
  4. Draft: Faulhaber's triangle
  5. Task: Jaro distance
  6. Draft: Snake
  1. Task: Universal Turing machine
  1. Task: Sort a list of object identifiers
  1. Task: Go Fish
  2. Task: Metaprogramming
  1. Task: Sorting algorithms/Bubble sort
  1. Task: CSV data manipulation
  1. Task: Address of a variable
  2. Task: Concurrent computing
  3. Task: Define a primitive data type
  4. Task: Generic swap
  5. Task: Handle a signal
  6. Task: Memory layout of a data structure
  7. Task: Metered concurrency
  8. Task: Object serialization
  9. Task: Playing cards
  10. Task: Roman numerals/Encode
  11. Task: Synchronous concurrency
  12. Task: Variable size/Get
  13. Task: Variable size/Set
  1. Draft: Selective File Copy
  1. Task: General FizzBuzz
  2. Task: Unix/ls
  1. Task: Sequence of primes by Trial Division
  2. Task: Zebra puzzle
  1. Task: Compile-time calculation
  1. Task: Fast Fourier transform
  1. Task: Semiprime
  1. Task: Runge-Kutta method
  1. Task: Convert decimal number to rational
  2. Task: Self-describing numbers
Yuriy Chumak
  1. Draft: OpenGL/Utah Teapot
  1. Draft: Integer roots
  2. Draft: Self-hosting compiler
  1. Task: Perfect shuffle
  2. Draft: Vector
  1. Task: Thue-Morse
  1. Task: Main step of GOST 28147-89
  2. Draft: Old Russian measure of length
  3. Draft: Transportation problem

Perl 6[edit]

Works with: Rakudo version 2017.08

The pseudocode above is no longer really useful as the page format has changed. Rather than checking every edit to see if it was a change to the task description, we'll just assume the user that created the page is the task author. This isn't 100% accurate; a very few pages got renamed and recreated by someone other than the original author without preserving the history, so they are misreported (15 Puzzle Game for instance,) but is as good as it is likely to get without extensive manual intervention. Any further edits to the task description are not credited. As it is, we must still make thousands of requests and pound the server pretty hard. Checking every edit would make the task several of orders of magnitude more abusive of the server (and my internet connection.)

Each stage of the scraping process is saved to local files so it can be restarted without losing all your progress in the event of a timeout or error. If that happens though, you need to manually adjust where to restart the process.

use HTTP::UserAgent;
use Gumbo;
use Sort::Naturally;
my $ua =;
for 'Programming_Tasks', 'Draft_Programming_Tasks' -> $category
{ # Get lists of Tasks & Draft Tasks
# last; # Uncomment to skip this step
my $page = "$category";
my $html = $ua.get($page).content;
my $xmldoc = parse-html($html, :TAG<div>, :id<mw-pages>);
my @tasks = parse-html($xmldoc[0].Str, :TAG<li>).Str.comb( /'/wiki/' <-["]>+ / )>>.substr(6); #'"
my $f = open("./RC_{$category}.txt", :w) or die "$!\n";
$f.print( @tasks.join("\n") );
for 'Programming_Tasks', 'Draft_Programming_Tasks' -> $category
{ # Scrape info from each page.
# last; # Uncomment to skip this step
my @tasks = "./RC_{$category}.txt".IO.slurp.lines;
for @tasks -> $title {
my $ua =;
# Get the earliest edit
my $addr = "{$title}&dir=prev&limit=1&action=history";
my $html = $ua.get: $addr;
$html.content ~~ m|'<li><span class="mw-history-histlinks">' (.+?) '</ul>' |;
my $line = $0.lines.tail;
# Parse out the User name
$line ~~ m| 'title="User:' <-[>]>+? '>' (.+?) '</a>' |;
my $auth = $0;
# Oops, no user name, must be anonymous, get IP address instead
unless $auth {
$line ~~ m| '"mw-userlink mw-anonuserlink">' (.+?) '</a>' |;
$auth = $0;
# Parse out human readable title
$line ~~ m| '<a href="/mw/index.php?title=' $title '&amp;' .+? 'title="'(<-["]>+)'"' |; #"'
my $decoded = $0;
# report progress
say "$decoded: $auth";
# save it to a file
my $f = open("./RC_Authors.txt", :a) or die "$!\n";
$f.say( "[[$title|$decoded]]\t$category\t$auth" );
sleep 3; # Don't pound the server
# Read in saved author info
my %authors;
my ($cnt, $draftcnt, $taskcnt);
"./RC_Authors.txt" {
my ($task, $cat, $auth) = $_.split("\t");
if $cat.contains('Draft') {
$cat = 'Draft:';
} else {
$cat = 'Task: ';
%authors{$auth}.push: "$cat $task";
# Dump an HTML table to a file
my $out = open("./RC_Authors.html", :w) or die "$!\n";
$out.say( '<table border="1" cellpadding="4"><tr><th colspan="2">As of ',, ' | Total: ',
$cnt, ' / Tasks: ', $taskcnt, ' / Draft Tasks: ', $draftcnt,
'<tr><th>User</th><th>Authored</th></tr>' );
for %authors.sort(*.key.&naturally) -> $a {
$out.print( '<tr><td>', $a.key, '</td><td><ol><li>' );
$out.print( $a.value.sort( *.substr(7) ).join('</li><li>') );
$out.say( '</ol></td></tr>' );
$out.say( '</table>' );
Sample output
As of 2017-09-04 | Total: 1059 / Tasks: 854 / Draft Tasks: 205
  1. Draft: Names to numbers
  2. Draft: Solving coin problems
  1. Task: Soundex
  1. Task: Draw a rotating cube

Many rows omitted...
  1. Task: Perfect shuffle
  2. Draft: Vector
  1. Task: Thue-Morse
  1. Task: Main step of GOST 28147-89
  2. Draft: Old Russian measure of length
  3. Draft: Transportation problem