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Invalid syntax highlighting

Hi. I notice that in nearly every Java program example you have contributed the syntax highlighting is incorrect.


is a syntax error. For Java, the syntax highlighting should be:

<syntaxhighlight lang="java"></syntaxhighlight>

or, if you don't want syntax highlighting (strongly discouraged because you can edit your own settings to adjust what you see),

<syntaxhighlight lang="text"></syntaxhighlight>

See here for more details.

If you don't want to see syntax highlighting, you can either adjust your shared CSS file to disable it, or possibly use a syntax highlighter toggle utility.

BTW, it is also considered good practice (and good manners) to include some kind of edit summary in the box at the bottom of the edit window when making any kind of changes to a page so others can more easily tell what has been done.

Thanks for your contributions! --Thundergnat (talk) 12:43, 26 May 2023 (UTC)