User:Kevin Reid

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Languages I know
Language Proficiency
AppleScript rusty
Brainf*** Don't ask me to read it
C decent
C++ sketchy
Common Lisp knows well
E implementor
gnuplot bits and pieces
Haskell knows well
Java decent
JavaScript decent
LaTeX bits and pieces
Maxima bits and pieces
Objective-C decent
Octave bits and pieces
Pascal Once upon a time…
Perl rusty
Python rusty
Scheme vaguely
Self bits and pieces
Smalltalk bits and pieces
SQL bits and pieces
SVG patchy
TI-89 BASIC bits and pieces
Visual Basic .NET bits and pieces
x86 Assembly bits and pieces

I work on examples in E, Common Lisp, Haskell, TI-89 BASIC, gnuplot, SVG, and occasionally other languages.

Tasks I created

Task classifications

I maintained classifications of unimplemented tasks for the following languages:

I haven't updated them since ImplSearchBot got replaced with MultiCategorySearch, pending figuring out a better way to figure out what to update in them than checking the page changes ISB made. —Kevin Reid 00:43, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

  • /E contrasts is a page listing tasks that have been completed in some other languages but not in E.


Task ideas:

  • ...


  • One of my pet issues is that RC should not become just a catalog of programs meeting specific requirements; any given slice of RC (say, all examples in a language, or all completing a task) should be an educational resource. In particular, any new platform for RC should not restrict examples to 'one program, with commentary on the side'. Here is a task which I think exemplifies the right sort of thing: Pointers and references.

    This is what we should aspire to. It has code, but it primarily tells you about the language. I wrote Pointers and references#E; note that there are three individual programs, which are not merely different solutions to the same task: they are part of an overall discussion.