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From Rosetta Code
My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Java Active
C Active
C++ Active
Lua Active
GML Active
J Active, But Ironically
AutoHotkey Uses It Sometimes
MIPS Assembly Learned It In College
Python Learned It In College
RPL Rusty
TI-83 BASIC Rusty
TI-89 BASIC Rusty
Z80 Assembly Very Rusty
HPPPL One Of The Good Few

Hello! I'm Iconmaster. Language design is my passion. So funny thing I'd end up here!

My current project is CCL[1]; I'd describe it as "shell scripts; but more consistent", or "TCL; but more of a functional language". I hope to spam you guys with examples of it when I feel the interpreter's good enough for notability.

I also like languages I didn't make myself! Fancy that.