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About me

My name is Lydia Smith and I am a student at Leicester College to study Environmental Resources Engineering, art, I.T. and literature. My nickname is FoxyPrincess; (which is also the name of my user page, here on Rosetta Code). I'm taking an on-line course dealing with physics and the environment because protecting the environment is very important to me. I enjoy being outside all times of the year and hate to see pollution and know what is happening to the earth, including what cannot be seen. I feel that I do many things in my life to conserve energy, however I am sure I can do more. Not only do I want to learn what more I can do, but I want to make sure what I believe is helping actually is. I have had an internship with the Department of Environmental Protection for two years now. This has helped me to learn a lot through my experience in their various programs. I want to continue learning how to protect the environment and eventually pass my knowledge onto others.

My interests and hobbies

I'm interested in sustainability, transitions, climate change, community engagement in environmental and social issues, disaster management and conflict resolution. I've lived and traveled in various places around the world and have done many different things, like teaching ESL, farming, professional work, research, etc. I also like to think I have learned a great deal, but really, my learning has made me realize that I know very little and that there is always much more to learn. As I keep learning, I like to share what I do know, which is why I like Rosetta Code. Hopefully, the occasional small edits I add here and there are of help to the wider community. If you ever want to drop me a note, please do!

I am also a really good artist and an excellent writer.

You are likely to find me reverting vandalism and other inappropriate edits all over the English Wikipedia. These days I am mostly using STiki.

I create some content, although my articles tend to be stubs and usually on Finnish subjects (incidentally, I am definitely NOT Finnish. I'm English). I'm mostly drawn to music, art, reading, writing, space, movies and other popular culture subjects, but anti-vandalism work also introduces me to various other types of articles, which certainly is not a bad thing. Occasionally I do gnomish work too, fixing grammar, adding refs and stuff like that. I do appreciate constructive feedback, especially if I make a mistake, so you are most welcome to visit my talk page.

I do not check my email regularly.

If I have blocked your account and you wish to get unblocked, there is no need to email me. Just follow the instructions you will see on your screen.

I've been here since 4 April 2018, but changed accounts a few times. I mostly edit and create English and Danish entries, as well as some for Spanish, French, and other Latin-based languages. You might see me create others, but not nearly as often. I have rollback rights here now, but it'll be a long time before I would get administrative rights.

I was born in 8 November 1999. I'm from Leicestershire, England, but I go back and forth between SC and Ohio for family reasons. Unfortunately, despite loving linguistics, geography, culture, and history, I have never had a chance to leave the country as of yet. As far as gender, you can refer to me as he, she, or they. It doesn't really matter, as long as you don't say it. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in history.

Though I prematurely made a lot of alternate accounts here on the first year active, I am no longer doing this. Lots of people were annoyed by it, which is understandable. I was younger and a lot more prone to immature behaviour than I am now. Such alternative accounts included LalalalaSta, Ready Steady Yeti, NativeCat, and TheMax95. I think I might be missing some too...

I like Rosetta Code a lot because of my interest in language and linguistics, and because it's fairly easy to contribute a lot to once you get the hang of it. I certainly like Rosetta Code a lot more than Wikipedia, for many reasons and I won't get too far into it. Creating Wikipedia pages is like spending two years on a huge sculpture, and then, after putting it up in the center of town, having it demolished and forgotten about the next day.

I am also a gamer. I'm primarily active in the tool-assisted speed run community. On the TASVideos website, I am a vested editor and player. Hopefully, one day I'll become a judge, which means I'd get the ability to judge which movies are published there and which aren't. If you're interested in seeing my activities and such there, see this page. For my YouTube channel, see here.

Anyway, that's about it. For anything you need to talk to me about concerning Rosetta Code, or even otherwise, please direct it to my talk page.

Information on disease issue spreading

The incidence and prevalence of cardio-thoracic disease continues to increase globally, this is especially apparent in emerging economies. Unfortunately these emerging economies are under resourced and unable to provide sufficient levels of care. In the US there are 1,222 open heart operations per million population in Africa there are 18, equating to 1 center per 120,000 people in the USA and 1 center per 33 million people in Africa.

The Global Heart Network (GHN) is a platform that has been created to allow those that strive to reduce the mortality rate of heart disease in the developing world have a greater impact with existing resources.

The GHN is designed to serve stakeholders working in the field by creating conditions for collaboration and innovation. The platform allows the sharing of data & information, best practice and new standards of care across the developing world.

The goal of the GHN is to effect change in reducing the global inequality in access to cardiac care through collaboration that will change the way cardiology services are delivered.

Education and employment

I am a student at Leicester College in England. I am studying Environmental Resources Engineering, art, I.T. and literature here at Leicester College. My other interests include playing the piano, horn, paint, read, bake, quiz and percussion as well as enjoying the diverse nature Humboldt County has to offer. I hope to make a meaningful difference in the world through a career in engineering.

Interests in engineering

  • Studying sources of sustainable energy is one of my interests.
  • I would love to use knowledge of sustainable energy to help people around the world.
  • Ideally, my job would allow me to work outside in nature.

Experience in engineering

I haven't had any formal experience, but I have taken a few engineering courses. I currently made a Rube Goldberg project, which is one of the only "engineering" projects I have done. I hope to gain more experience in my engineering courses this semester and this summer.

More information

Anthropology BA with concentration in economic development from HSU.

Currently pursuing a dense knowledge of appropriate technology, design and implementation methodology - particularly in the areas of permaculture design, photovoltaics and a bit of natural building. I would also like to get into biodiesel, wastewater treatment, greywater/blackwater, rainwater collection, and microhydro a bit more.

Five years experience working with youth (k-12), mostly in the environmental sector. I am now working with the HSU study abroad programme in Parras Mexico, teaching Photovoltaic Design.

In 2018, I am looking to pursue a License from the Permaforest Trust in Australia for Permaculture Design Consultation.

Recent projects

I realize I am detrimentally lacking with my photos of recent projects - at least with posting them. They´ll be up soon.

When is soon though? Also would like the update on Australia AND I couldn't find any info on Foundation of Sustainable Development Nicaragua - does this still exist???

Photovoltaics: Please check out the Argentina Photovoltaics on RationalWiki. It is under construction always, and is definitely lacking in photos. I won´t go into detail here cause you can check it out for yourself on that page.

Another PV project I worked on with a team, in which we constructed a solar fountain inside of a pond (that we also designed and implemented). There will be a link to these photos and further information available in the future.

Natural Building: I have taken part in three natural building projects in the last three months. All three projects were cobb benches - Bloomfield Elementary (Arcata), Manilla Community Center (Manilla), and Trillium Charter School (Arcata). The initial project at Bloomfield was taught by a friend of mine, while the other two I taught. I will make a new sight for the Trillium Cobb Bench since this was where I will work all year long (spring 2018 to spring 2019), and since we will be doing more natural building at this sight in the future.

Permaculture: Most of my permaculture knowledge comes from my curiosity in the subject. I feel that permaculture is highly valuable, extremely promising and very practical for many developing nations. I would like to pursue further knowledge and experience working with permaculture design and implementation techniques in the future.

My experience comes from working on several farms throughout Nicaragua and Costa Rica. All were organic permaculture farms. I´ve got many stories and insights I would like to share soon...

Final words

I haven't been terribly active in years, but I still occasionally re-write or clean up articles I read.

I used to primarily contribute content through copyediting, wikifying, referencing, and categorizing. I have contributed substantially to a few articles: Antioch College, Aryan Brotherhood, Loretta Lynn, Myrtles Plantation, and Sean Bell. I am also able to provide GFDL licensed photos.

Social media

Visit my twitter page at: