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I'm Dave Shields, probably best known as a programmer as the co-author of Jikes, a Java source to bytecode compiler, that was IBM's first open source project, released under a license created by IBM, and later approved by the Open Source Iniatiative, that I helped draft. Jikes was the first open-source program from IBM to be included in a major Linux Distribution (RedHat, 1999).

I am the creator of SETL4, an extension of Macro SPITBOL (itself an extension of SNOBOL4). SETL4 is based on SETL, a language with finite sets as the fundamental data type. SETL was created in 1970. I did the first implementation, and am now doing the fourth implementation, hence the name SETL4.

SETL was used to write NYU Ada/Ed, the first Ada compiler to pass the Ada Validation Suite. Indeed, the compiler and the sweet were developed in tandem, with each part helping to find bugs in the other part.

I worked on Macro SPITBOL in the 1970's and 1980's, first doing the implementation for the CDC 6600, and later,with Robert B. K. Dewar,the author of Macro SPITBOL, doing the port to the IBM PC.

I have been the maintainer of SPITBOL since 2009, and advanced the project by extending the Linux version from 32 to 64 bits. I also did a port to Apple's iOS.

The code for these projects is all available as open source:

My Twitter handle is @daveshields. I blog at