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AngocA is Andres Gomez Casanova. He is a Db2 DBA for several years, and have been recognized as IBM Champion for Data Analytics in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

He has developed the following tools for IBM Db2 as OpenSource:

He regularly writes articles about Db2 in his blog in Spanish:

You can reach him at:

I am writing the documentation about Db2's SQL and Db2's SQL PL. Some documentation is for Db2 in general terms, and other things are specific when using only SQL or only SQL PL. Why making a difference between Db2's SQL and ANSI SQL? Because IBM's implementation of SQL could be very different, and sometimes, Db2's SQL includes more things. Then I am going to explain things in only SQL and with SQL PL when possible. Some examples are only for SQL, others only for SQL PL, and some are the same for both.