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Agent Isai
Steward, Community Engagement Specialist, and volunteer
If you ever need help or would like to leave feedback on Miraheze, don't hesitate in leaving me a message!

About me

Hello, I'm Agent Isai, also known as Agent. I am a Steward and Community Engagement Specialist for Site Reliability Engineering. I am also an Interwiki administrator, Meta Administrator, Wiki creator along with a number of other roles on Miraheze. As a Community Engagement Specialist, I actively work to address community concerns and respond to feedback. If you ever have any questions or concerns, let me know!

I joined Miraheze back in September 2015 after a different wiki farm, Orain, fell victim to an attack. Seeing that many familiar faces also came over to Miraheze, I decided to join and move over the IRC Wiki onto here. Before that, I had been on Orain since 2013 after the failed merger with TropicalWikis.

I am a native speaker of both English and Spanish entonces si necesitas ayuda en algo, ¡no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo! I also speak a bit French. Bien que je connaisse le français, je te recommande d'essayer de demander de l'aide à d'autres qui connaissent mieux la langue.

Outside of the internet, I practice badminton, tennis, and volleyball, and enjoy challenging my friends to matches in these games. I am currently enrolled in college, majoring in Computer Science. I have always loved computers and have managed Linux servers since I was young, all of this culminated in me picking CS as my major. To fill the empty time I have after finishing any work I have, I check Miraheze to see if anyone needs help. In my spare time, even if I'm out on the town, if I see a question I can answer quickly, I'll answer it. Given that I communicate with my friends mostly through Discord, I usually answer quickly when I see someone asking a question.

I love volunteering and strongly like Miraheze's goals and commitment. This all has led me to helping out Miraheze wherever I can. The sense of appreciation one feels when they have been able to help someone is very satisfying and it most verily makes me happy when I am able to help someone out.

My work

I currently study full time but hope to one day get a job in the field of IT.

Disclaimer: All advice I give is followed at your own risk. I make no guarantee that it will work as intended. All actions done in my capacity as Trust and Safety Responder are done via my Agent (Miraheze) account.

Contact me

I don't bite! Feel free to contact me whenever if you have questions or even just to say hi...

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