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Village Pump/Unimplemented tasksAnnouncement of the unimpl pages, and of ImplSearchBot21 July 2023 08:52:57
Village Pump/Change the Reports namespaceA mandatory change because Miraheze's Reports namespace overrides the Reports namespace of any Miraheze wiki.29 December 2022 00:09:31
Village Pump/tasks pageTasks page is unwieldy/slow to use7 November 2022 23:16:36
Village Pump/Logging InHow to log in when you seemingly cannot, and some tangential guesswork12 July 2022 12:02:21
Village Pump/RC thinks cookies are disabled on ChromeSelf-explanatory. I had to log in on Firefox just to file this page.12 July 2022 12:00:59
Village Pump/Announcement removalRelating to the old Rosetta code announcement present on every page.17 May 2022 09:06:39
Village Pump/Porting RC codeHow to handle licensing when porting RC code to a new language9 February 2022 17:16:01
Village Pump/Discouraging approachesThe goals of Rosetta Code, and responding to code which we disapprove of.18 January 2022 02:09:57
Village Pump/CAPTCHA problemsCAPTCHA problems are not being attended to.3 July 2021 20:13:50
Village Pump/Add link anchors to Language Category pagesSuggestion to add Anchors to specific language examples8 June 2021 21:39:15
Village Pump/useless tasks for pure synthax comparisonNew learning approach27 April 2021 23:58:29
Village Pump/Phix geshi fileNew syntax file31 March 2021 13:49:25
Village Pump/Syntax highlightingDiscuss issues related to the Syntax Highlighting system here. The old page got huge, and it became hard to discern what problems were current.8 March 2021 10:38:54
Village Pump/OS specificsWhat to do about tasks that involve OS specific functions such as disk I/O or graphics.26 February 2021 00:23:05
Village Pump/Front pageAdd more links to front page?3 February 2021 15:03:11
Village Pump/Image uploadsRelating to upload of images to Rosetta Code1 February 2021 06:10:48
Village Pump/Old draft tasksDiscussion on what to do about draft tasks which don't seem to be getting attention25 December 2020 06:49:45
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Village Pump/LevenshteinDistanceHow to contribute and fix errors16 November 2020 20:27:11
Village Pump/Unlisted tasksSeveral tasks are not showing up in the site listings31 July 2020 10:25:37
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Hi, sorry to post this here but I don't know a better place. I wanted to create a new proposed task "Create statically-validated API" but it's impossible to create a page without solving a captcha, and the browser I use doesn't show the captcha (I was able to create this account using a phone browser, but that's no good for entering much text or code). Maybe someone can move it to the right place? (Added: I also had to de-link the urls to bypass the captcha).

By the way I find this site a huge pain to use because of the captchas. Email verification for account creation is likely to be enough.

create statically-validated API

This is a challenge proposed by Tony Morris here:

It is only for statically-typed languages and the challenge is to implement a Tic-tac-toe API that supports operations like starting a game, making a move, and seeing who won, where invalid arguments (such as asking who won an unfinished game) are rejected by the compiler as compile-time type errors. So it is mostly a test of how expressive the language's type system is.

A Haskell solution (not by me) is here:

Further discussion and links to some other solutions: