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Village Pump/What should I call this other programming language also called SimpleCode on Rosetta Code?I've found another programming language called SimpleCode.3 May 2020 23:02:02
Village Pump/Please appoint more Moderators!24 March 2020 00:53:48
Village Pump/Village Pump dates not updatingModification dates for Village Pump pages are not updating on the homepage or the Village Pump page19 March 2020 17:31:58
Village Pump/https links in emailUse https: rather than http: links in all notification emails from rosetta code.19 March 2020 17:23:05
Village Pump/Why not give a separate page to each language for each task16 March 2020 17:39:06
Village Pump/LibRC, A Library for RosettaCode CodeI wish to take all the code segments on RosettaCode that can be libified and turn all of it into a one-stop shop library for anyone to use. (The only problem is I don't know some of the languages on here and so need contributors!)3 March 2020 21:53:37
Village Pump/WiktionaryDumpsTrying to do something with Wiktionary dumps1 November 2019 05:03:37
Village Pump/Highlight for RustHighlight for Rust Language in Rosetta Code pages.4 October 2019 18:30:48
Village Pump/Email protection in codeSometimes parts of the source code is replaced with "email protected".16 July 2019 16:42:59
Village Pump/RC extraction Tool and TaskExtracting material from RC specific to one language10 May 2019 21:21:58
Village Pump/tasks descriptions onlyHow to get a list of programming tasks *without* solutions30 January 2019 16:43:53
Village Pump/My code is better than existing one4 November 2018 16:58:35
Village Pump/Whoa! 10000 examples!Rosetta Code reaches 10000 entries14 September 2018 18:35:24
Village Pump/Extraneous Printing Requirements in TasksSeveral tasks require printing incidental output, which distracts from the purpose of the task and needlessly inhibits idiomatic solutions in certain paradigms.26 April 2018 09:12:00
Village Pump/In do while loop why we assign (-1) to count in the below programming21 April 2018 14:57:34
Village Pump/Author name in task solutionsWhat's the policy about adding one's name to a program?14 March 2018 12:31:42
Village Pump/missing languagesThese languages don't appear in the main language page, but there are categories already defined for them. Is this a bug or there is a valid reason for this?6 February 2018 21:44:45
Village Pump/Recently-Updated-TasksNot showing my Recently Updated Tasks18 January 2018 15:39:49
Village Pump/Run snippets in browserUse plugin to display output for several languages (clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, Lua and OCaml)1 December 2017 17:13:53
Village Pump/EditAndExternalLinksWhen I try to edit I get a message that my text would include external links15 October 2017 12:08:06