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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Shen is an implementation of Lisp. Other implementations of Lisp.

Shen is a portable functional programming language that offers

  • pattern matching,
  • lambda calculus consistency,
  • macros for defining domain specific languages,
  • optional lazy evaluation,
  • static type checking based on sequent calculus, one of the most powerful systems for typing in functional programming
  • portability over many languages,
  • an integrated fully functional Prolog,
  • an inbuilt compiler-compiler.
  • runs under CLisp, SBCL, Clozure CL, Clojure, F#, Scheme, Wasp, Emacs Lisp, Ruby, Python, the JVM, the CLR, Haskell and Javascript
  • has a BSD kernel

The word ‘Shen’ is Chinese for 'spirit' and our motto reflects our desire to liberate our work to live under many platforms.