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Logging In
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How to log in when you seemingly cannot, and some tangential guesswork


Rosettacode has a couple problems relating to logging in.

  1. Sometimes the rosettacode infrastructure seems to prevent regular users from logging in, and
  2. The underlying mediawiki database is being spammed with accounts which serve no useful purpose.

Problem 1 may be a consequence of an attempt to cope with problem 2. Nevertheless, it has a simple workaround. Here are the steps which have worked for me:

  1. Delete all third party cookies (if your browser does not offer you this option, delete all cookies).
  2. Delete all rosettacode cookies (if you did not do so in step 1)
  3. Load a fresh rosettacode page and log in.

As for the useless account problem, here's a restatement of an earlier proposal for that issue:

RecentChanges on rosettacode is being overwhelmed by new user spam. I literally cannot pull up two weeks of recent changes, because of 500 errors, and new user pages are most of the changes.
Perhaps we should automatically delete new users after 48 hours if they have not contributed anything significant in that time? (They could always sign up again, when they have something to contribute, if they were just slow.)
(Note that this would be a delete from database mechanism, so they would not show up in recent changes, so this would need to be logged somewhere visible, for inspection, if something goes wrong..)

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