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A site that will host a game involving internet hunting/stalking skills.

Most users use the same set of pseudonyms on many sites all over the web. Using spidering tools (such as search engines), one can tie the pseudonyms together with real user data.


  • A player is presented with a pseudonym of a real online user as a target.
  • Using tools such as google or anything at the players disposal, the player should compile as much information as possible about the user.
    • Aliases
    • Real name
    • Location
    • All sorts of stalking/private info ...
  • Player can be required to find specific information, or as much data as possible.
  • Player's data will be compared with data retrieved by other players for validity.
  • A moderator (player of higher rank) can also check player's data for validity.
  • Database of pseudonyms


  • Players, or teams of players would each find their own chosen pseudonyms, from a random set of pseudonyms.
  • Putting fake information around the web for the targets of the competing team.
  • ... What else?

Suggestions from Mwn3d

  • Extra points for particularly damaging information (CC numbers, bank acocunts, etc.)
  • No vandalism allowed -- hack their accounts if you must, but don't act as the target in any way