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This is a semantic property.

Properties describe semantic characteristics of Rosetta Code pages, typically determined automatically from other features described in the page such as which templates are used.
This property holds summaries for topics in the Village Pump.

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Village Pump/Acceptable usernames +What makes an acceptable user name for the site  +
Village Pump/Add link anchors to Language Category pages +Suggestion to add Anchors to specific language examples  +
Village Pump/Adding transclusion plugin +Suggestion to add an existing mediawiki plugin, Transclusion, to address other village pump topics  +
Village Pump/Admin assistance request +Admins' request for assistance.  +
Village Pump/Arrays +Discussion of just what exactly we mean by an array.  +
Village Pump/Automate Village Pump +Requesting a bot for managing the Village Pump  +
Village Pump/Automated Infrastructure +A list of things that should be automated on Rosetta Code  +
Village Pump/Automatic omit +Defining required features (eg GUI, network access) as a property of tasks and languages  +
Village Pump/Bash examples +Discussion of various shell types  +
Village Pump/C sharp bug +Some problems arising with C# pages, especially headers  +
Village Pump/CS Pages Wanted +Requesting tasks relating to CS problems.  +
Village Pump/CSS problem with Progress language +The CSS for the Chamelion Theme has a conflicting CSS directive  +
Village Pump/Category Intersections +Finding pages in the intersection of two or more categories  +
Village Pump/Clearing breaks +CSS styling issues on Rosetta Code  +
Village Pump/Collection tasks +Collections have been reorganized to look like normal tasks  +
Village Pump/Coordination +Coordinate to avoid cases where a person is working on a solution but another has been sent  +
Village Pump/Crafting short checklists +Checklists improve airline safety and reduce mortality in thoracic surgery. They could facilitate excellence on Rosetta Code, but would need to be short.  +
Village Pump/DB vs Programming Languages +DB languages should be separate from programming languages  +
Village Pump/Delete Webpage +On deleting spam/automated webpages.  +
Village Pump/Dialects +What are, or should be, the Rosetta Code conventions for dialects of programming languages - implementations on specific platforms that may have minor differences of syntax and functionality from the official distributions?  +
Village Pump/Did I implement this new task correctly +RE: Implementing new tasks  +
Village Pump/Discouraging approaches +The goals of Rosetta Code, and responding to code which we disapprove of.  +
Village Pump/Download Perl Code +Downloading Language examples allows searching thru all the code  +
Village Pump/Edit link movement +quirky behavior with link hovering  +
Village Pump/Email protection in code +Sometimes parts of the source code is replaced with "email protected".  +
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