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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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MelonBasic is a programming language and the name of its official IDE (which is in the form of a command-line interface) that runs on top of Scratch, originally released on June 10th, 2012 by Scratch user MelonInc.

With each command ending with :, values other than static strings can be declared. These values are declared using one set of speech marks per side, like "this". These values can be used for each command unless otherwise stated:

  • var - The only freely changeable variable.
  • answer - The last answer given from an Ask: command.
  • start - Goes to line 1. This can only be used with Goto:.
  • all - Clears all lines of text on the screen. This can only be used with Delete:.

MelonBasic features the following commands:

Command Description
Set: Sets the variable to the specified value.
Ask: Asks the user for input.
Say: Displays the specified text on the screen.
Play: Plays a sound. Two sounds are available: Laser and pop.
Alert: Displays a popup for 1.5 seconds. The popup will appear over the title bar on the program execution window.
Goto: Goes to the specified line in the program.
Wait: Pauses program execution for the specified amount of seconds.
Delete: Clears the specified lines of text on the screen.
End Ends the program.

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