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This programming language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task.
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Garbage collected: Yes
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Racket is an implementation of Scheme. Other implementations of Scheme.
Racket is an implementation of Lisp. Other implementations of Lisp.

Racket (renamed from "PLT Scheme" years ago) is a member of the Lisp family of languages, and a descendant of Scheme. Racket draws both from its heritage in Lisp and Scheme in addition to other languages such as Eiffel.

Racket provides higher-order software contracts and Typed Racket extends this to provide safe gradual typing.

The main RacketCS implementation is compiled to machine code. The RacketBC features a compiler and runtime written in C, with a precise garbage collector and a just-in-time compiler (JIT) on most platforms. RacketScript compiles to JavaScript.


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