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Maclisp is an implementation of Lisp. Other implementations of Lisp.

Maclisp is an early dialect of the Lisp programming language which originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and which ran on DEC PDP-6, PDP-10, and Honeywell Multics in the 1970s and early 1980s.

It is particularly noteworthy for these programs having been first written in it:

  • Macsyma (computer algebra system)
  • SHRDLU (artificial intelligence/robotics)
  • Emacs (programmable text editor)

Today, the two main ways to run Maclisp are either an online PDP-10 system ( or running the "LISP" command on ITS ( emulated in SIMH, see discussion at [1].

Maclisp was named for Project MAC, and is unrelated to Apple's Macintosh ("Mac") computer, which it predates by decades. The various Lisp systems for the Macintosh have no particular similarity to Maclisp.

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