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Languages I use
Language Proficiency
Ada Beginner
Assembly Beginner
AutoHotkey Beginner
C Intermediate
C sharp Intermediate
C++ Advanced
CMake Beginner
D Beginner
Dart Beginner
Delphi Beginner
Eiffel Beginner
Free Pascal Intermediate
FreeBASIC Beginner
Go Beginner
Java Beginner
JavaScript Beginner
Lua Beginner
Make Beginner
MySQL Beginner
Nim Intermediate
Object Pascal Intermediate
Objective-C Beginner
Pascal Intermediate
PHP Beginner
Python Intermediate
REALbasic Beginner
Ruby Beginner
Rust Beginner
SQL Beginner
TypeScript Beginner
UNIX Shell Beginner
Vala Beginner
Visual Basic .NET Beginner
X86 Assembly Beginner