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If you're going to create tasks on Rosetta Code to show off your language, do take the time to implement the task fully. And please have a go at the generic tasks too. —Dkf 12:48, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Which task are you referring to specifically? I have expanded upon the task Window_management. About 40 generic tasks have been implemented in AutoHotkey, about 20 of which I did myself. My goals are much more humble than "showing off." I just feel AutoHotkey is underrepresented in the mainstream programming world, considering the number of people that actually use it. The tasks I have added were partially in response to a request ("I’d like to see a bit of a shift away from theoretical tasks to practical tasks, ")by the creator of rosettacode here: --tinku99
It's nice to have a mix of theoretical and practical. The ones to avoid are the ones where it is virtually impossible to do them in more than one language. —Donal Fellows 15:18, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

AutoHotKey_L is now the active development branch[edit]

On September 25, 2009 AutoHotkey Basic stopped development with the exit of its creator, Chris Mallet. Forum member Lexikos has taken over the development process, renaming the language AutoHotkey_L.

AutoHotkey_L is a custom build of AutoHotkey maintained by Lexikos. Features include:

   Objects (extensible associative arrays).
   Interactive debugging features, when used with a compatible debugging client.
   Significant functionality developed by other community members:
       Native 64-bit support by fincs.
       Native COM support by Sean.
       Native Unicode support by jackieku.
       Support for various text encodings.
       New DllCall arg types for portability.
       Object-oriented file I/O.
   #if expression - Similar to #IfWinActive, but for arbitrary expressions.

Should a new language entry be created for AutoHotkey_L or should updated code simply replace the code posted for AutoHotkey Basic?