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AVL Trees[edit]

I created 5 AVL Pages:

  1. AVL_tree/C_sharp
  2. AVL_tree/C++
  3. AVL_tree/Managed_C++
  4. AVL_tree/Java
  5. AVL_tree#beed

These are all part of a larger system called Calculus. Calculus has many more classes. Calculus was first created in 2006 in C# (although the algorithms date back to 1987).

More recently Applied Calculus was created. Pure Calculus resides in memory whereas Applied Calculus is on disk. The on-disk algorithms are much harder to master.

eeuen nnor reesentlee is The Beed Clahs Liibrairee.

For a discussion on AVL Databases (AVL Trees on disk) see Quora.