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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Lisp Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Prolog Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Haskell Jedi Initiate @ 12019
Perl Jedi Initiate @ 12019

Hello World,
My name is Shyam; which is a recursive funcronym ∵ I'm mad as a Hatter!
But you can call me Cloudwalker ∵ I am a Cloudtrooper ∴ I can clouDance ∧ I whisper to the Cloud (like noone else does).
I am currently studying my [email protected] ∧ plan to study my M.IT@UNSW; specialising in Artificial Intelligence ∧ Data Science & Engineering ∨ Bioinformatics ∵ I get to use PCRE (and get away with it), and also potentially become an immortal GodMO thanks to sequencing, CRISPR/Cas9, and telomeres.

Rules Of Promotional Experience[edit]

Donate your soul to the open market; Rebellion join YOU wants the Yoda to today! <(=_=)>

  • Jedi Initiate: Harvest knowledge crystals to build first software.
  • Jedi Padawan : Build first useful software ∧ use/maintain it daily.
  •                Must have been a Jedi Initiate for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Jedi Knight  : Win first competition; #1.
  •                If no contest, then seek 𝄞3 years of professionalism.
  •                Must have been a Jedi Padawan for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Jedi Master  : Build hacking Instructions/Tools (IT, as in M.IT).
  •                Must have been a Jedi Knight for a minimum of 1 year.

That's 𝄞3 years of XP! :D
for(;food;){will(code);} <(=_=)>
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Legal And Dark Documentation Endorsed Raise[edit]

$ell your soul on the black market; just be Darth, and Maul the source, you empirical corporate Bane! C8<]

  • Academic degree.
  • Sign NDAs Like It's Hot.
  • 𝄞3 years of industry XP.
  • Don't f(l)oss too much, or you'll make everyone else look bad.
  • Wear a suit of armour to fit in like everybody else; no fancy knots.

My Favourite Language Families[edit]

My selection criteria for languages is productivity.
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The fourmost foremost productive programming language families based on scientific research papers, and empirical evidence:

prolog language processing language-based user interface optimal exhaustive bruteforcing
perl text processing text-based user interface unix(one_liners, glue_code)
lisp list processing metaprogramming prototyping
haskell multiprocessing formal methods lazy producer-consumer heuristics
smalltalk state processing graphical user interface socialising skills

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Toys, and other playful languages:

  • prolog is like playing c̄ shape sorters; you can put "-thing"s anywhere, and even all at the same time!
  • haskell is like playing c̄ magnets; some"-thing"s just willn't goto gether!
  • pythonic pseudocode is like playing c̄ large/loud/obnoxious/clumsy wooden letter blocks; why does pseudocode enforce so many cosmetic rules?
  • assembly is like playing c̄ lego; especially stepping them!
  • smalltalk is like playing c̄ barbie dolls…

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I started learning Emacs, the Elisp Machine Accumulating C Supplements, so I can do FP while hacking any language (including the dysfunctional ones). I think it's easier to sell ((lisp)) as an extra curvy superspecies of python() with its' large intestine gutted; it even "loops" too! "List Processor" is the binomial nomenclature. Erasing Minds Allows Complete Submission but is Generally Not Used…

  • GNU Emacs emacs -nw --no-splash
    1. wiki, wiki, wiki, wiki (26.1 @ May 28, 2018)
    2. C-h t M-: (help-wit C-i ) C-m ∵ Lisp is the only way to live!
    3. C-h iminf C-m M-: (info "info") C-m ∵ Lisp is the only way to live!
      • Info file info-stnd and texinfo does not exist.
      • 1.4: Terminal dimensions are known ∴ you can warn users about large nodes ∵ no"-thing" is impossible!
    4. agtoe
      • M-x tet C-m M-: (tet C-i ) C-m does not support bnpf!
  • GNU Elisp #!/usr/bin/env -S emacs --script


12019 is the year of Prolog; my goals to satisfy are planning, chatbots, games, intelligence, and an implementation; also translating/transforming/converting/.. from A to B, and getting B to A for free, is not only applicable to languages, but also file formats (cryptography, compression,..), units of measurement, orders of magnitude, systems, and "-thing"s.


It's too cute for its' own good; pronounced Has Kell?

  • GHC Haskell


I used to think LTS was the cause of Perls' WORN reputation, but now I know the camelCode is the one true cause; even Jack Sparrow can read Perl!

  • Perl 5

My Favourite Tools[edit]

My Favourite Instructions[edit]



My Favourite Program[edit]

  1. ViMonday           : Vim Programming
  2. TeXnical Tuesday   : TeX Programming
  3. Whatever Wednesday : Pending...
  4. Thoughtful Thursday: Inferentially Logical Programming
  5. Functional Friday  : Referentially Functional Programming
  6. [email protected] Saturday : System Programming
  7. Sunday Scripture   : Scripting Programming

Taste-based mnemonics:

  1. bitter: Pending...
  2. salty : salt in water; sprinkled, not stirred
  3. pure  : oxygen in distilled water; steamed, not stirred
  4. sweet : honey in water; squeezed, not stirred
  5. spicy : chilli sauce in water; melted, not stirred
  6. sour  : lemon juice in water; poured, not stirred
  7. umami : milk in canned tomato; stirred, not shaken ∵ I'm lazy ∧ cans're ¬resealable!

My Favourite Parameters[edit]

  • Coding Conventions: Are obsolete thanks to code formatters! (Even naming conventions can be automated; camel-case to snake-case, and vice versa, is as elementary as Holmesian deduction!)
  • Indentation: Tabs for efficiency! (Unless you lack the intellectual capacity to configure your software?)
egyptian_snakes_are_ergonomically_good /^
SupercalifragilisticexpialidociouslyBad /^ indented
  • Logic: In order of precedence...
    • Mathematician: ¿(0.665m < Yoda) ∧ (Yoda < 0.667m)?
      • Preferably: ¿0.665m < Yoda < 0.667m? (if supported)
    • Vulcan: ¿Yoda is green?
    • Jedi: ¿green is Yoda?
    • NPN: is Yoda green? (Polish are the most literate!)
      • Is Yoda, green? Then {...} = if(Yoda == green){...}
    • RPN: ⸮neerg Adoy si

My Favourite Timeline[edit]

Temporality Historicity
(9200,9600) Email paved the way for spam. (You entertained the most beautiful Chinese concubine ever! Whilst the British royal family started marrying their concubines; just wait until they start crowning their bastards!)
(9700,11575] Instrumental Keyboards did not prevent the horrors of animal rights abuse.
(11914,11918] Germanic plans for developing a big bang of mass information were supported by the rest of humanity.
11936 Lambda calculuth eththablitheth the foundathion of Lithp.
11936 Turing completeness proves lambda calculus has been completed.
[11939,11945] The big bang of hacking; by the good guys.
11946 Lab rats introduced mors nigra.
11954 The keyboard cat ate the malefactor mouse equals memes and sexism.
11957 APL pioneers [brackets], ⌊floors⌋, and ⌈ceilings⌉.
Array Processing
11958 Lithp pioneerth eth-ethpreththionth; along with juthth abouth every language feathure thaken for granthed thoday.
Lithth Protheththing
11963 Communication paved the way for memes.
11963 Graphical mazes became a navigational hazard; Unix synergistic syngamy was specifically for the purposes of avoiding these proverbial nightmares.
11968 The Mother of All Demos.
11970 Unix was born; bringing filters, and files.
11971 Lazy evaluation was born to lambda calculus; bringing infinite potential.
11972 Prolog does the impossible.
Language Processing
11972 The objectionable Smalltalk pioneered social media, and the (mis)use of natural language.
Postal Servicing
11976 Emacth verthuth The Sith! (Dired philothophy FThW!!! :D)
11978 TeX so soon after the objectionable Smalltalk?
11980 Links empowered trolls; what a "shocker". \\./ o_O \.//
11987 Perl pioneers r-expressions.
Text Processing
11989 Shyam Has Your Anomaly Mitigated!!! :D
11990 Haskell pioneers medicinal paranoia, as the first programming language with a non-descriptive name; not one others come to mind.

Need to compare R against Octave/MATLAB, Minitab, spreadsheets,.. (I want the /sym.*/ stuff from Octave/MATLAB.)
#r @freenode: 10:36 < ardin_agoy> _: apl is a programming language and lisp is for list processing and prolog is all about programming in logic and smalltalk is about message passing and tex is very τέχνη and perl is a practical extraction and reporting language but do you has kell?