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My Favorite Languages
Language Proficiency
Ada Out of Touch
Agena Out of Touch
AppleScript Out of Touch
B4J Getting in Touch
8080 Assembly Out of Touch
8086 Assembly Out of Touch
Batch File Touching
C In Touch
C# Touching
CB80 Out of Touch
COBOL In Touch
Delphi Out of Touch
Euphoria In Touch
FBSL In Touch
Fortran Out of Touch
Forth Out of Touch
Harbour In Touch
HyperTalk Out of Touch
Java Out of Touch
Javascript Touching
Lhogho In Touch
mLite Getting in Touch
Modula-2 Out of Touch
Modula-3 Out of Touch
newLISP Out of Touch
Octave Out of Touch
Perl Out of Touch
PHP Getting out of Touch
Peloton Touching
SNOBOL4 Out of Touch
SQL Touching
Tcl In Touch
Visual Basic In Touch
VBScript Out of Touch
Z80 Assembly Out of Touch

G'day. My name is Bruce Axtens. I've been programming since 1977. Started on Canon Canola calculators (like this one) and also wrote some Wang BASIC. My programming weblog is at Code-a-holic.

Software Engineer for Propelis P/L and Mother Tongue Excel translation add-in

Solving RC tasks in mLite, B4J, Harbour, FBSL, Lhogho, Batch File, COBOL, Protium, VBScript and Euphoria.

What Rosetta Code is to me[edit]

  • A place to sharpen my programming skills
  • A place to invite other programmers to so that they can sharpen their skills too
  • A place of escape
  • A source of inspiration