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Sets up an example page

param name meaning
task The name of the task this is an example of
language The name of the language this example is implemented in
langpage (optional) The pagename of the language, if different (for example: C_sharp for C#)

For example, when adding an example of the Hough transform implemented in C++, you would put this at the top of your example page: =={{example|task=Hough transform|language=C++}}==

If you are adding an example in a language that needs a special page title, such as C#, you would put this at the top of your example page: =={{example|task=Hough transform|language=C#|langpage=C_sharp}}==

Unfortunately, the header markup needs to be in the page that uses the template, rather than the template itself. Otherwise, you won't see edit links.

This is a template. There are many others. See Category:RCTemplates for a complete list of templates.