IRC gateway

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IRC gateway is a draft programming task. It is not yet considered ready to be promoted as a complete task, for reasons that should be found in its talk page.
Create an IRC Gateway capable of connecting an IRC server with another IRC server or Chat server


This code is called as a complete script, perhaps like this:

./ircgateway.tcl irc:// bait irc:// botfly
Library: Tcllib (Package: picoirc)
#!/bin/env tclsh8.5
package require picoirc
### Parse script arguments
# URL form: irc://
if {$argc != 4} {
puts stderr "wrong # args: should be \"$argv0 ircA nickA ircB nickB\""
exit 1
lassign $argv url1 nick1 url2 nick2
### How to do the forwarding from one side to the other
proc handle {from to -> state args} {
upvar #0 conn($from) f conn($to) t chan($to) chan
switch -exact -- $state {
"chat" {
lassign $args target nick message type
if {![string match "*>>*<<*" $message]} {
picoirc::post $t $chan ">>$nick said<< $message"
"traffic" {
lassign $args action channel nick newnick
switch -exact -- $action {
"entered" - "left" {
picoirc::post $t $chan ">>$nick has $action<<"
"close" {
### Connect and run the event loop
set chan(1) [lindex [picoirc::splituri $url1] 2]
set chan(2) [lindex [picoirc::splituri $url1] 2]
interp alias {} handle1to2 {} handle 1 2
interp alias {} handle2to1 {} handle 2 1
set conn(1) [picoirc::connect handle1to2 $nick1 $url1]
set conn(2) [picoirc::connect handle2to1 $nick2 $url2]
vwait forever