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Public Domain Korn Shell

From Rosetta Code
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Public Domain Korn Shell is an implementation of UNIX Shell. Other implementations of UNIX Shell.

pdksh is the public domain Korn shell, a clone of the Korn Shell. It has most of the ksh88 features, and almost none of the ksh93 features.

The last version, pdksh 5.2.14 from 1999 July 13, still has several bugs. Systems like Debian, OpenBSD and PLD now apply several patches to pdksh.

  • If an example from Rosetta Code "works with pdksh", then someone might have tested the example with one of these patched versions of pdksh.
  • If a #!/bin/sh script "works with pdksh", then the tester might have used OpenBSD, where both /bin/ksh and /bin/sh are pdksh.

mksh is a successor to pdksh. mksh consolidates several patches and a few new features into one shell. If you want to install pdksh, then you might instead install mksh.