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OLE Automation

From Rosetta Code
OLE Automation
You are encouraged to solve this task according to the task description, using any language you may know.

OLE Automation is an inter-process communication mechanism based on Component Object Model (COM) on Microsoft Windows.

Provide an automation server implementing objects that can be accessed by a client running in a separate process. The client gets a proxy-object that can call methods on the object. The communication should be able to handle conversions of variants to and from the native value types.


Library: ComDispatch
by fincs:discussion

client: using the ahk ole server as well as the python ole server implemented below

ahk := comobjactive("ahkdemo.ahk")
ahk.hello("hello world")
py := ComObjActive("python.server")


CLSID_ThisScript := "{38A3EB13-D0C4-478b-9720-4D0B2D361DB9}"
APPID_ThisScript := "ahkdemo.ahk"
funcs := ["aRegisterIDs", "aGetObject", "aCallFunc", "hello"]
server := ahkComServer(CLSID_ThisScript, APPID_ThisScript, funcs)
aRegisterIDs(this, CLSID, APPID){
hello(this, message){
msgbox % message
aGetObject(this, name){
return %name%
aCallFunc(this, func, args){
return %func%(args)
;; ahkcomserver()
ahkComServer(CLSID_ThisScript, APPID_ThisScript, funcs)
global serverReady
server := object()
; CLSID_ThisScript := "{38A3EB13-D0C4-478b-9720-4D0B2D361DB9}"
; APPID_ThisScript := "Garglet.QueryServer"
RegisterIDs(CLSID_ThisScript, APPID_ThisScript)
for i, func in funcs
str .= func . ", "
str := SubStr(str, 1, strlen(str) - 2)
myObj := ComDispatch("", str)
; Expose it
if !(hRemote := ComRemote(myObj, CLSID_ThisScript))
MsgBox, 16, %A_ScriptName%, Can't remote the object!
server.CLSID := CLSID_ThisScript
server.APPID := APPID_ThisScript
server.hRemote := hRemote
serverReady := 1
return server
#Include ComRemote.ahk
#include lib\ComDispTable.ahk
#include lib\ComDispatch.ahk
#include lib\ComVar.ahk


Library: pywin32

Server uses a client of the ahk server above to register the clsid in the windows registry. Translated from win32com/test/

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import win32com.client
from win32com.server.util import wrap, unwrap
from win32com.server.dispatcher import DefaultDebugDispatcher
from ctypes import *
import commands
import pythoncom
import winerror
from win32com.server.exception import Exception
clsid = "{55C2F76F-5136-4614-A397-12214CC011E5}"
iid = pythoncom.MakeIID(clsid)
appid = "python.server"
class VeryPermissive:
def __init__(self): = []
self.handle = 0
self.dobjects = {}
def __del__(self):
def _dynamic_(self, name, lcid, wFlags, args):
if wFlags & pythoncom.DISPATCH_METHOD:
return getattr(self,name)(*args)
if wFlags & pythoncom.DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET:
# to avoid problems with byref param handling, tuple results are converted to lists.
ret = self.__dict__[name]
if type(ret)==type(()):
ret = list(ret)
return ret
except KeyError: # Probably a method request.
raise Exception(scode=winerror.DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND)
setattr(self, name, args[0])
raise Exception(scode=winerror.E_INVALIDARG, desc="invalid wFlags")
def write(self, x):
print x
return 0
import win32com.server.util, win32com.server.policy
child = VeryPermissive()
ob = win32com.server.util.wrap(child, usePolicy=win32com.server.policy.DynamicPolicy)
handle = pythoncom.RegisterActiveObject(ob, iid, 0)
except pythoncom.com_error, details:
print "Warning - could not register the object in the ROT:", details
handle = None
child.handle = handle
ahk = win32com.client.Dispatch("ahkdemo.ahk")
ahk.aRegisterIDs(clsid, appid)
# autohotkey.exe ahkside.ahk
# python /c/Python26/Scripts/ -wthread -i
# must use -wthread otherwise calling com client hangs


import win32com.client
client = win32com.client.Dispatch("python.server")
client.write("hello world")