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From Rosetta Code

In addition (and reaffirmation) to all of the other requirements for contributing to the site, if you're going to upload a user avatar image, keep it small, keep it yours, keep it clean.

When you upload such an image, be sure to include {{UserAvatar}} in the image file's description.

Keep it small[edit]

Rosetta Code doesn't have unlimited storage and bandwidth. Keep the file size small to avoid excess consumption of RC's disk and bandwidth, not to mention saving some of the bandwidth of those on slow and metered network connections.

Keep it yours[edit]

This is your avatar; a representation of you. It should also be something that you hold copyright to; cut-and-cropped images from works you don't own nor have authorization to relicense under the GFDL 1.2 are Not OK. The easiest solution is to use an actual photo, cut and scaled down to a reasonable size. If you need to, throw it through The Gimp or Photoshop if you don't like the raw image.

Keep it clean[edit]

Do I really need to explain this?

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