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ALGOL 68S is an implementation of ALGOL 68. Other implementations of ALGOL 68.
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The ALGOL 68S System written by C.H. Lindsey using the Amsterdam Compiler Kit. Current version is v2.4.

The system runs on the following systems.

  • sun3 under OS4.x - v2.3
  • sparc under OS4.x - v2.4
  • sparc under OS5.x (Solaris 2.x) v2.4
  • Atari under Gemdos - v2.3
  • Acorn Archimedes under Riscos v2.4

The ALGOL 68 program gets the extension ".8", eg to compile type:

       a68s -c.e progname.8

The original system was developed for a CDC computer, then ported to PERQs running PNX. This also means that there are other ALGOL 68S compilers descended from the same stock.